Trickstar; "Loving the album!! I think it's a classic." Soundcloud.com/trickstar Australia, musician/producer

Triton Audio; "HOW COOL IS THIS, OUR GOOD FRIEND AT C9 RECORDED HIS ENTIRE ALBUM USING JUST OnE MiC and a BigAmp, CHECK IT OUT!" Tritonaudio.com Netherlands, designer of innovative boutique audio products

Kramer; "i loved the Music" kramershimmy.com US, Recording Studio/Record Label

Realms of Music; "Love the sound" Realmsofmusic.com US, WROM Radio

Scout66com; "Iím impressed with the music" @Scout66com US, Award-winning music publicist & marketing specialist.

The Rising Son Band; "Pretty Cool. The music is unique, very interesting but that's why I like it. I've never heard stuff like that before. :)" @therisingsonbd facebook.com/therisingsonband US, Musician (ambient rock/accoustic)

Cosmic Anomoly; "very chilled, some cool work" @cosmicanomoly last.fm/music/Cosmic+Anomoly Musician (ambient/instrumental Space-Rock)

Independent Music and Media; "Great music!!" @IndMusicMedia indmusicmedia.com Digital publication for independent musicians.

Carbonates on Mars; "FANTASTIC STUFF :-)" @Gazzle71 soundcloud.com/carbonates-on-mars Painter of Sounds

Rachel andthecity; "awesome!!" @Rachelanthecity Rachelandthecity.com US, The Vinyl District Editor, Music Writer

Independent Music and Media; "Impressed is an understatement !!!" @IndMusicMedia indmusicmedia.com Digital publication for independent musicians.

Gonzalo de Lara; "Fantastic Music, I like it very Much" @GonzalodeLara mindportrait.weebly.com Chile, maker of paintings, illustrations and drawings

Pucci Laveau; "Enjoy the brilliant Music of Mandrill vs Mongoose" @Poochie7060 US, writer and artist