Composed, Recorded, mixed at Cube9 by Jurriaan Klomp.

All instruments (drums, guitars, keys, percussion, trumpet, xylophone, voices) by Jurriaan Klomp.

Mastered at Noice New York by Kramer.

Photos home page by Jan Roeleveld.

Photos tracks by Jurriaan Klomp and edited by Bas van der Schaaf.

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Website programming by Cyril Wijte (Digit Services / Webflow).

All rights reserved by Jurriaan Klomp.

My thanks for all people digging and spreading my Music. That is why you can download it for free ;-). Enjoy it and e-mail me your comments, listening stories and whereabouts so I can map the spreading and learn what you think of it. Should there be a need for CD or Record please inform me! Keep checking the site for more Music and Extras. Contact me if you want to use the Music so I can hear-see-read what you used it for and to ask you a contribution if you want to use it for commercial purposes.
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